At Open we identify and examine customer issues. At DNA we deliver on that thinking.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

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Customer 3.1 outtakes


In May I presented at Customer 3.1 in Auckland. I was asked to talk about trends in customer experience, which I did by combining highly visible global trends with things we are seeing locally at DNA and a few personal insights - as I had the pleasure of a captive audience.

Since the presentation I have received some great feedback, but also identified three key themes that different people have asked me to explore further:

1. The Internet of Things

As host of the IoT Wellington Meetup, I'm probably exposed to a lot more diversity in thinking about the Internet of things than most. IoT is diffuse, confusing and not many people are actually creating 'things' yet in New Zealand. It's an area that is ripe for innovation and we have more clients starting to move into this space - at least conceptually.

2: Beyond Design Thinking

Design Thinking has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand it opened up the boardroom doors to designers, on the other it produced another codified business process – which some identify as the antithesis of innovation. Next week I am talking at the Massey University's Creative Campus about how we go beyond Design Thinking at DNA.

3. Delivering Impact

This wasn't a trend, but it is a theme that has evolved from one that I talked about- Seamless Services. At DNA we work with clients to bridge the gap between design and delivery. Increasingly, as we push the boundaries of what we are trying to achieve, we have discovered that there are capability building exercises and knowledge exchange that has to occur in order to deliver success, especially in digital.

The truth is design is actually not the hardest part of a project - framing the right problem and delivering a solution that retains the integrity of the customer experience or service vision - that is where a project lives or dies.

If your organisation would like Chris to come and talk about any of these topics, or you want to shout him a coffee to talk about what we do at DNA you can contact him by email:


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