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Bonding with a new brand

Jules Robinson August 2011

We’ve all been through it, when something breaks you weigh up its value against the effort and expense of getting a new one, and trying to fix it yourself. I’m more of a fixer – primarily because I’m tight with money – but also, I think, because of the achievement factor. After years of fixing and refixing a plastic handle back onto a steamer lid (with superglue) it was becoming increasing frustrating each time it broke off again, as well as being slightly dangerous if you were actually using it.

So when I heard about Sugru it seemed too good to be true, a mouldable ‘glue’ to hack all your old broken things back together. It works in almost all environments, materials, temperatures... WOW its really looks like the wonder glue and the answer to my problem! A lovely impression to start with, their website is clear and well designed and they seemed pretty on to it. Even ordering was a breeze, as I was a beginner (and actually didn’t need that much of it) I went for the mini 6 pack. However I tend to need to see to believe – so until it arrived I have to admit I was still a bit of a disbeliever.

Only 5 days later (bear in mind the package came from their UK base of operations), a lovely silver package arrived in the mail. Everything was written so friendly and the instructions incredibly clear, in a way almost with childlike simplicity. You basically mold the material (which is a bit like plasticine or fimo consistency depending on what you grew up with) in your fingers until it gets really pliable then you can stick to anything, leave it to harden for 24 hours and voilà, sorted. In all it took me about 5 minutes to fix my steamer lid and it's worked perfectly ever since.

Now the other lovely little thing they did; the first packet I opened was really hard and I just couldn’t get it to mold – it was breaking into pieces. Not really a big deal to me, I only wanted one packet and I had 5 left in my package, but I felt it was appropriate to just ‘let them know’ that one of them had sadly not made it on its trip across the world. So I left a message on their forum which you can access through their website, not expecting anything much, but just to warn them at least that one of their batches may be affected. As it turned out, they were so appreciative I had mentioned and apologetic that one of the packs arrived in bad shape that they offered to replace the whole pack of 6, so now I have heaps of the stuff!

As a result I’ve been offering it off around the office over the last few days, with so far 2 takers, one of whom commented on the Sugru packaging similarity to those supplied by durex et al :-). I wonder if there was any intention in this?

Seriously though, I'm getting no commission for this, but you know when you discover something that is just SO ingenious and niche you just want to tell everyone about it? So go, now, and check it out even if you have nothing to fix, and give me call if you do, I might lend you some.


Graeme Coll 23 August 2011 at 2:35pm

Finally a product that combats the built-in obsolescence most products seem to have nowadays. Genius! Thanks for sharing Jules :-) It'll help keep the landfills a bit emptier!

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