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Content Matters

Charlene Turei June 2011
content matters3

It may seem obvious that content is one of the most important components to a website, but so often website redevelopment projects focus primarily on improving the user experience through better IA, design and functional features. When it comes to the content it's usually a once over lightly migration approach with little time dedicated to fully analysing the content and ensuring it’s still relevant, up to date, on ‘on tone’ and at the right level for the sites audience(s).

Getting from start to finish

There are many reasons for this oversight, most valid and understandable, but what’s the point of a beautiful new site if what lies beneath is of little or no real benefit to the user. It’s like false advertising, setting expectations high with a great customer journey only to disappoint with a lack of substance. Failing to deliver the goods frequently results in a lack of trust that radiates out from the website, impacting a customer’s impression of an organisation and their willingness to engage further. Content matters more than we often acknowledge.


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