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Designing for mobile: A golden rule

Brent Neave September 2011
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Designing any kind of interface, but particularly mobile, is brokering a little deal between your business and your customers.

Essentially you are saying to customers 'You give me this much time, space and attention, and we’ll give you x in return'.

You are giving your customer some sort of value with your mobile app. Whether the app itself is your product, or you’re using it to sell something else, or helping them achieve something like checking their bank balance, getting a deal or even just finding your store – you are giving them something of value.

It’s important to realise that your customer is actually giving you something in exchange for that every time they use your app. They’re giving you time, space, and attention. Those are precious in the desktop environment, and more so in the mobile context.

When you balance the deal right, you’ll make your customers lives’ that much easier and they’ll love you for it. 


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