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Disintermediation: no longer reserved for plonkers

Steve Graham March 2011
Disintermediation 01

In the past only a plonker would use such a word, but alas the word has come of age and has evolved beyond hoity-toity consultant speak. Disintermediation i.e. death of the middleman. Back in the day the middleman was the indispensable deal broker, justifiably charging fat margins. But with the internets’ role in shrinking and flattening the world and that world being one where transparency is becoming the norm in today’s online conversation — consumers are engaging directly with the brand (manufacturer). Our business clients are beginning to leverage the power of digital channels and they are gaining new efficiencies. In the age of disintermediation, the real winners are consumers and only the ‘best’ product/service offerings out there. The real challenge for brands is to build direct relationships with their customers in ways that are more intimate than ever before.


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