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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Brand Experience

First impressions count, but then, they all do don't they?

first impressions count

I recently bought a big ticket item, a leather lounge suite. It was a great sales process, got a good price too. But recently a Fair Go programme called the genuineness of said leather into question. Upon my query to the ‘contact us’ email link on the manufacturers website I was assured from the owner himself (in the space of 12 hours) of the suite’s composition. I was reassured and my purchase felt vindicated all at once.

It gave me reason to ponder on what the critical success factors in managing customers post sales would be. I think getting the most senior person to respond is critical; it shows you take them seriously. Do it quickly, within 24 hours; this shows willing and that you’re treating them with respect. Be honest, be transparent; customers smell bullshit a mile off. As a result you might just end up with the most convincing marketing possible; word of mouth. I’ve told everyone in a mile radius of my positive experience, and that’s marketing money can’t buy.


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