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Oooh, shiny thing!

Donna Maxwell June 2011
ohh shiny things

Everyone likes shiny new toys, especially marketers, and the new toys keep rolling in thick and fast... mobile marketing, SM channels, social vending, location-based marketing, NFC...

Choosing whether to play with these new toys is surely the most critical part of a marketer’s job today. Does your marketing team have the know-how to make these decisions? Does your agency have the expertise and impartiality to help?

There are the obvious questions to ask before you look into using one of the new toys – do our customers understand / want this thing, do we have the ability to leverage it and will we see a ROI? But what other questions are there to ask and have you worked out who you can ask them of? 


Sonia 6 July 2011 at 11:33am

They key word in this article is ROI. Unless your brand target audience sits firmly amongst early adopters careful consideration must be made on how your marketing dollars are spent in this area. Over the years there have been many new toys and new ways for consumers to engage with brands - if your target audience sits firmly in the mainstream then a level of critical mass/penetration is desired before ROI begins to stack up. What measures do we use to judge when critical mass of these toys/engagement tools has hit mainstream?

Steve 21 June 2011 at 9:33pm

Generally there is not a great deal of integration of these shiny new tools and we seem to be making customers work harder to engage with brands. I am afraid we will see increasing fragmentation before we see real benefits being delivered.

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