At Open we identify and examine customer issues. At DNA we deliver on that thinking.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Design and Service Design: Different, but the same…

What is Customer Experience Design (CXD), what is Service Design (SD) and what is the difference – the debate often rages here at DNA between practitioners and offices… but I think the answer is simple.

Many people assume CXD is more commercially driven by organisations that are in competitive segments, and that SD is focussed on when there is less competition or where the organisation can be more focussed on their needs, their processes, their ROI and on lowering their cost to serve. Not so. Its true, CXD overtly starts with the customer in mind, and SD is often employed because of change and or transformation. But that is too simple.

True of both is that they place users at the heart of the solution, and unless business value is clear, then a solution is not the right one. Important to both are changing technological, organisational, ethnographic and social science factors. Design is the common base of the service we deliver to each.


Customer Experience

Tricksy Responsive

John Milmine January 2012

Responsive when its done well is great, and anything not good is bad - but its important to remember its not easy - managing content, design and implementation are all tricky. Here are a few tips based on what we've learnt on recent projects.


Customer Experience

Branding is dead. Long live the brand!

Martin Grant August 2011

I’d suggest that alot of what I do as Strategy Director at DNA is customer experience design. Simplistically if you design and deliver customer experiences you are branding.

“Brand” is all the past, present and future associations about an organisation that have some value in the eyes of the customer.

“Branding” is designing, building and operating everything in the present thereby creating positive memories and valuable future promises. 

Customer experience is the interaction between a person and a business at any number of touchpoints. If you design and deliver customer experiences you are branding. So they are one and the same or another term for the same thing.

The problem with this thinking is that it is completely wrong. 

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Customer Experience

Retrofitting the magic vs duplicating the model

Aaron Carson April 2011

In business, when you’re small you think about growing and when you’re big you long for the advantages of being small. It’s a dichotomy for two seeming extremes – both of which will be familiar to many; At one end if you are successful it’s because customer experience is the business – but it’s the thing that may stop you growing. At the other end, not getting customer engagement on anything deeper than price is potentially the very thing that thwarts your continued growth, or worse, actually threatens your future.