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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein

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Creating the perfect storm

Grenville Main July 2012

Article published in Idealog November/December 2012.

As an exporting nation, New Zealand has some innate attributes that other countries don’t enjoy. And it’s these qualities that can provide real value to companies looking at offshore markets.

Customer experience design agency DNA has developed a ‘model for success’ that it’s used to help New Zealand businesses make their mark on international markets. Its clients are diverse but all those that export have have taken a dose of Kiwi thinking to the world and seen positive results.

So, how exactly does this model for success work? Companies should be aiming for a ‘sweet spot’ at the intersection of two vital objectives, says managing director, Grenville Main.

“It’s a combination of being able to meet the real needs of a changing market and embedding the right amount of the New Zealandness into your product, brand or way of working,” he says.

“This is about being able to leverage and address trends, sell the New Zealand story and embody our attributes in valuable ways. It’s also about being guided by the key commercial principles: hitting the market quickly and potently, focusing on customer needs, improving your products/services to suit them, and acting with integrity and openness. The more of these elements you can factor in, the greater your difference and value, and the more your prospects are enhanced.”

What makes things trickier – and where DNA can really add value – is that the New Zealandness, or NZ Inc. attributes as Main also calls it, is continually evolving.

“We see it as the amalgamation of prime attributes of our makeup, our country’s success to date and its overall appeal. The appetite for who we are and how we do things has grown, in part due to key successes, but also due to the intrigue that we keep cropping up and won’t go away despite our size and youth.”