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The omnipresent opportunity that is mobile

Logan Hodgson September 2011

How do you use the mobile channel to solve many of your customer intimacy problems? Here are 4 truths, and 4 simple rules for mobile as I see them:

It’s trusted: you only interact with something you feel safe with. Your Smartphone is still seen as safe, secure and private, it even has access to your bank account! 

It’s ubiquitous: it’s everywhere, and it also knows where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going.

Its always on: in fact it’s downright disruptive. It allows you to gain attention when it really matters, anticipate the real time need and offer the relevant solution, provide immediate results, whether that’s interacting, redeeming, purchasing, or simply providing a voice/opinion.

It’s mobile: Always moving with you, changing with you and ultimately it knows you best. What better place for the brand experience, custom application, or specific offer to exist than at the point where the need for it becomes most apparent. How do you harness its unique advantages - Build trust. Get local. Never close. Be there (when and where you are needed).


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