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Commercial Intimacy

Your customers are people too…

Donna Maxwell June 2011

Listen to the way people talk to their partner – I want you to know me, listen to and love me. And then about them – I want them to be their best, to feel safe and cherished.

Compare this to how your business talks to your customers – Dear Sir/Madam your invoice is overdue, please hold to speak to an operator; and about them – cost-to-serve and acquisition / retention strategies.

Why so different? What kind of relationships could you have with your customers if you spoke both to and about them like they were people – I know you, I hear you and I’d miss you if you were gone?


Sonia 6 July 2011 at 11:41am

And don't forget conversation is a two way process, don't speak at people talk with people - make tools available for people to engage with you if you are going to engage them

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