Insight Design Awards Hero Mobile


Two golds, a bronze and two finalists.

We are delighted to have taken home some awards from the 2020 Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards held on Friday 13 November 2020. As always the credit goes to the amazing clients we get to work with – and the talented teams who have delivered the work. 

You can check out the work below. 

Kiwibank — Public Website.

Gold — Large scale website

Judges Comments

Kiwibank’s digital experience highlights the amazing work done to interweave customer-centric journeys into a space that traditionally pushes products. The customer’s goals are addressed from the get-go and relevant content is surfaced as you progress through the site, making for a connected and personalised online experience. An example of inclusive design from experience, to visuals, to copy. — Funding Explorer.

Gold — Small scale website

Judge's comments:

A simple and centralised solution to support NZ small-medium businesses. While current resources to learn about funding options are plentiful, they are dispersed, hard-to-find or biased. In addition, Funding Explorer acknowledges the ownership and risk profile of business owners for a more personalised experience. Elegant, user-friendly and relevant to the time. — Kiwi Business Boost.

Bronze — Small scale website

With a purpose to make it easier for small businesses to succeed, packages content and advice from across government into tools and resources designed with business in mind. — Cash flow forecaster.

Finalist — Small scale websites

Understanding, diagnose and improving cash flow had been identified through research to be a critical gap for many businesses – alongside several other areas of financial performance and business governance. Cash flow Forecaster is one of a suite of diagnostic tools that help small businesses in New Zealand be more successful. — Helping New Zealand small businesses.

Finalist — Public Good is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and is focused on making it easier for small businesses in New Zealand to understand and comply with government, and succeed. They do this by packaging content and advice from across government into tools and resources designed with small business in mind.