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Two everyday insights that might help deliver more valuable outcomes.

We help our clients deliver better, simpler, faster and more valuable services to their customers.

In doing so, we’ve realised that leaping to a future vision is much harder than iterating away from a pain point.

Clients need a basis to make confident decisions about the future. For us, this starts with discovering insight about the human needs of their customers and setting some guiding principles to meet those needs.

Here are two big things we’ve learned from listening to customers and users over the last 20 years:

People don’t live in sectors.

While organisations are great at coming up with increasingly complicated reasons to start new and different types of businesses and industry definitions, people live their lives, and these lives cross many industries every day.

A typical person might shop for clothes in the morning, visit a cafe for lunch, and use a music service in their car on their way to a night class provided by an educational institute. Their life isn’t broken into sectors, and the human needs that drive their actions throughout the day don’t completely change as they move to different industry sectors.

Needs are less complex than behaviours.

Go to any talk on innovation and the first slide will no doubt make the point that ‘the world is changing faster than ever before’. Nobody can deny the reality of the complexity and unpredictability of the world we live in. Markets, technology and economics continue to challenge the assumptions of organisations, and even put some out of business.

But there are deeper human needs that drive behaviours. Market behaviours that result from these needs can be unpredictable and depend in large part on the types of products and services they have to interact with. Still, an understanding of these more stable needs can help the creation of new products and services and are more likely to meet them.

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