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Wellington NZ Destination Platform

Creating an experience that inspires locals and attracts visitors to Wellington.

WellingtonNZ embarked on a transformative digital journey to showcase Wellington as the epitome of vibrancy, prosperity, and livability across New Zealand and Australia.

The objective was to inspire residents and allure visitors, students, businesses and investors through an immersive digital platform brimming with smart, accessible, and compelling content, campaigns and interactions.

Injecting distinctive personality.

Collaborating closely with WellingtonNZ's digital team, we identified an opportunity to amplify the essence of Wellington and its inhabitants. Our design ethos aimed to imbue the platform with a heightened sense of vibrancy, creativity, and inclusivity—attributes emblematic of the region. Leveraging automated colour transitions and subtle animations, we ensured that the content remained perpetually fresh and engaging, captivating prospective visitors and garnering the advocacy of residents alike.

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Creating an immersive experience.

Given the scale and diversity of content, alongside the varied audience demographics, consideration from multiple perspectives was imperative. Employing a crafted taxonomy and related content blocks, we curated information to offer users a tailored experience of Wellington. This strategic approach not only facilitates seamless content discovery but also fosters organic exploration, enticing users to delve deeper into the wealth of offerings.

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Consolidating digital assets.

The transition to the new platform entailed the consolidation of disparate digital properties dispersed across a vast ecosystem—a pivotal move yielding greater efficiencies. By centralising these assets, we achieved enhanced content coherency, design consistency, and streamlined digital asset management processes, thereby realising significant operational efficiencies.

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Embracing Headless Architecture.

At the platform's core lies a robust JavaScript, API, and Markup (JAM) stack architecture, characterised by its decoupled nature, portability, and extensibility. Instantaneous deployments without downtime, bolstered by an Edge-type cloud-based network, coupled with seamless management of intricate animations, underscore the platform's agility and performance.

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Unveiling the region's finest.

Wellington's allure lies not only in its vibrancy but also in its accessibility, epitomised by its highly walkable urban landscape. Integrating Mapbox's enhanced mapping and location services facilitates user navigation from the platform, fostering a sense of simplicity and fluidity in travel planning. Moreover, an intuitive events calendar empowers users to orchestrate their Wellington experience, while detailed insights into the many regional trails cater to the adventurous at heart.

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Boosting business.

WellingtonNZ is a powerhouse storytelling platform driving its mission to support thriving businesses. From building capability, attracting investment, and hosting events to broader marketing activation and industry promotion, it uncovers the breadth of compelling regional opportunities.

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Measurable impact.

The recent launch of the WellingtonNZ site has seen a paradigm shift in growth, marked by heightened visitor engagement and tangible boosts in event sales.

A remarkable 100% surge in session times underscores the platform's captivating content experience.

  • Visitor growth surged by an impressive 25-27%, affirming its appeal.

  • A tangible uptick in event ticket conversions underscores the platform's efficacy as a catalyst for action.

  • Upholding its highest SEO ranking, the platform continues to assert its relevance

  • Recognised as a Webby Nominee winner, the accolade is a testament to its excellence in digital innovation.

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Embark on your Wellington adventure.

Experience the vibrancy of Wellington firsthand at www.wellingtonnz.com—a digital haven beckoning enthusiasts, adventurers, and connoisseurs alike to immerse themselves in the unrivalled allure of New Zealand's capital.

Client: Wellington NZ

Project: Destination Platform

Expertise: Digital strategy / Design / Development / Ongoing management

Technology: JAM stack architecture / Silverstripe Headless CMS / NuxJS / Elastic Search / 
Bynder Digital Asset Management / Netlify Edge Network

Awards: Webby Award Nominee